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     Cleaning Based on Your Priorities


     Commercial-grade Products and Equipment


     Competitive Hourly Rates


√      Annual Spring Clean for a Healthy Home


It's that time of year again, don't postpone your big clean for a more convenient day, 365 Clean Pty Ltd is here to transform your home. Our one-off cleaning services is designed according to your household needs. 


What to expect


  • All cupboards are cleaned inside and out

  • Worktops and surfaces are wiped and disinfected

  • Electrical appliances and the sink are thoroughly polished


  • Tiles can be scrubbed clean 

  • The toilet, sink, shower, and bath are all thoroughly cleaned 

  • Fittings and fixtures are polished

Entire property

  • All floors are vacuumed and mopped

  • All surfaces, furniture, skirtings, window sills, banisters, and shelves are dusted

  • All cobwebs removed

  • Carpets and rugs are thoroughly vacuumed

  • Mirrors and picture frames are polished

Additional requests

  • Washing interior windows

  • Hard-to-reach spots and areas can be cleaned

  • Extra rooms: such as studies, laundry rooms, game rooms, conservatories, storage rooms can be cleaned

Upon request, you can have the additional tasks added to your one-off clean, simply allow sufficient time for the tasks to be completed. (Additional costs may apply.) Please, note that the cleaners can move small items around, but will not attempt to move heavy furniture.



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