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     Customized House Cleaning Service


     Quality Supervision and Support


     The Same Cleaners Every Time


     Competitive Hourly Rates


√      No Ties with Long Term Contracts

Book your regular cleaning with 365 Clean Pty Ltd and forget about the drudgery of dusting and mopping every week. Our house cleaning services are designed to help you enjoy more free time with your family and friends.

The service is not bound by contracts and can be as personalized as you want it to be. It is hourly based, so you decide what cleaning chores to put on your checklist, depending on your household needs.

The regular cleaning service can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis where the same cleaners can assist you with all your cleaning priorities.

What to expect

  • All the surfaces will be dusted and polished: furniture tops and shelves, window sills, banisters and mirrors.

  • The floors will be vacuumed and mopped.

  • The carpets and rugs will be thoroughly vacuumed.

  • The bin bags - replaced with new.

  • The kitchen will be presentable and sanitised: all appliances, the sink and benchtops are wiped and disinfected.

  • The bathroom/wet room will be fresh and clean: the sink, the toilet, the bathtub and shower, as well as the mirrors and all other fixtures will be polished.

Additional requests

  • Steam clean carpet

Upon request, you can have the additional tasks added to your regular cleaning schedule. Please, note that you can also add some one-time cleaning tasks to your priority checklist. (Additional costs may apply.)

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